The story of Sasaki pastry started with Yukiko Sasaki and her husband Allan Lee. When Yukiko came to Canada, she met Allan and got married. Not only did she find the love of her life in Canada, she also founded her own small business, selling handmade Japanese Mochi.

Since fresh mochi was hard to find in Toronto at that time, Yukiko decided to make her own. When Allan and his mom tasted her Mochi, they both loved it. Allan told Yukiko, that perhaps she should look into having her own store to share her handmade mochi with others in Toronto. And so, the first Sasaki pastry was born, with its location in the J-Town complex up in Markham.

Yukiko makes fresh mochi at Sasaki every day. Amongst the many flavours of mochis that are offered at Sasaki, my two favourites have got to be her Mikan (Mandarin) Orange Daifuku Mochi and Yuzu Daifuku Mochi. I believe both of these items were only offered for a limited time only.

Mikan (Mandarin) Orange Daifuku, Yuzu Daifuku
Mikan (Mandarin) Orange Daifuku, Yuzu Daifuku

The Mikan Mandarin Orange Daifuku was not only pretty to look at, the fruit gave a natural sweetness to the Daifuku, complimented by a thin layer of white bean paste underneath a chewy layer of mochi. Although the Mandarin Orange Daifuku was delicious, I’d have to say that the Yuzu Daifuku Mochi had my heart. The flavour of this Daifuku is citrousy and bright, I can easily eat a couple of these without feeling any guilt lol.

The story of Yukiko Sasaki is near and dear to my heart. Knowing that Yukiko was not a trained pastry chef but was able to open her own store with the support of Allan and others, its truly an inspiring story that worth sharing. It is a constant reminder to us, that you can make it happen with hard work, dedication, and a passion for what you do.

Sasaki Pastry
3160 Steeles Ave East
Markham Ontario
L3R 4G9