About me

Hi everyone,

My full name is Maria See Yan Lee, I am a food enthusiast, or what some people like to refer as a “foodie”. I love to blog about food and about my travel adventures (this will come a little later, let’s focus on food first lol). To simplify things, I like to go with my pen name “mi” (pronounced as “me”). There is a story behind this pen name, you’re more than welcome to ask me when we meet.

I had a huge writer’s block when I wrote this page, so I decided that you will learn about me in an FAQ format lol. Don’t roll your eyes! You’ll love it, trust me. Here we go:

Why foodiemibear (foodie-me-bear)?

I grew up in a family full of great cooks and restauranteurs. Everyone seems to be able to cook well, except for me of course. That’s okay though, at least I am good at eating, and I know how to take nice pictures and post on Instagram, they don’t, lol.

Maria See Yan Lee | Toronto Foodie |
Toronto Food Blogger

All jokes aside, I started foodiemibear because I love to connect with people over a good meal. It is also a great outlet for me to express myself creatively, through photography and storytelling.

Who motivates me

I am a mom to a very creative little girl. She inspires me to draw, create, and write stories. Foodiemibear is as much for me, as it is for her. Through this channel, I want to show her that there is a space and love in this world, for creative people like us. She motivates me to live a colourful life. She’s my everything.

Mi and Mia

Who do I aspire to become?

I’d love to be a badass storyteller, just like Anthony Bourdain one day. Yes, he was my idol, and meeting Anthony Bourdain was on my bucket list. I am sad that he’s now gone, but he leaves behind a legacy that is almost impossible to be replicated by anyone else. I will forever remember his glorious brave adventures, sarcasm and fowl language on “Parts Unknown”.

What are my favorite things to do?

Thankfully my favorite things to do require no skills at all. I love to watch hot steam rising (it’s my fetish); sit in the sun and do nothing, or drive out into a thunderstorm to watch the rain, ha ha.

Where do I like to hang?

I love to loiter in cafes with my laptop; or hang in wine/ snack bars with my friends to catch up over a few drinks and shared plates.

What is my comfort food?

Noodles. Period.

So… that’s about it, you can always message me if you want to know more about me.

I really hope you enjoy foodiemibear.com.