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Aka Oni Izakaya

Omakase is a Japanese phrase. By definition, it means “I’ll leave it up to you” (from Wikipedia). When you go with an Omakase menu at a Japanese restaurant, you’re asking the chef to create a custom menu for you. Depending on your budget, you’re usually provided with Chef’s choice, and […]

Evive Smoothie

Have you ever tried Evive smoothie cubes? They are plant-based smoothie cubes that are healthy, and convenient to use. All you have to do is pop the cubes into a bottle, add your fav drink in there, let it melt for 20 min/ or blend if you like, then shake […]

Matcha, White Peach & Kinako Tiramisu

Before recent years, tiramisu was known to many as an Italian coffee flavoured dessert, made of layers of lady fingers and mascarpone cream. That was then, now, when you type “tiramisu” into Google search, amongst a sea of brown tiramisus, you can actually spot a few green ones on the […]


The story of Sasaki pastry started with Yukiko Sasaki and her husband Allan Lee. When Yukiko came to Canada, she met Allan and got married. Not only did she find the love of her life in Canada, she also founded her own small business, selling handmade Japanese Mochi. Since fresh […]


Over the years, I’ve walked by Noce a gazillion times, little did I know that this Italian restaurant has been on Queen Street West for more than 20 years. After its recent renovation, its décor is chic, yet charming. The space has lots of natural light shining through, a gorgeous […]